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Gasification and TRIG

Kemper County energy facility will be a state-of-the-art electric power plant that converts coal to gas and reduces emissions.

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Invest in Kemper

We're hiring Mississippi workers and Mississippi companies. It's the right investment and the best choice.

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Fuel Diversity

We're leading the state in energy development by using a fuel source located literally beneath our feet, Mississippi Lignite.

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Power for our future

Take a look at how we continue to provide our customers with reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly electricity.

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Fuel diversity

Learn about Mississippi lignite and how we are diversifying our fuel portfolio by adding it to our current mix of natural gas and coal.

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Gasification & TRIG

Everything you need to know about how TRIG technology works and why Kemper County energy facility is implementing it.

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Environmental benefits

Preserving our environment through reduced emissions, carbon capture, and being water conscientious.

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State economic impact

How the Kemper County energy facility is already creating thousands of jobs.

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Find a project overview, facts and figures, the project timeline, and more.

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Get answers to common questions about Kemper County energy facility

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