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EarthCents New Home Program

Mississippi Power's EarthCents new-home pilot program is designed to provide a more environmentally-friendly option for customers that want to increase the energy efficiency of their new home. Below is a checklist of requirements and options for each level. A Mississippi Power marketing representative MUST verify the installation of each requirement DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE.

We have made it easy for you to obtain an EarthCents certification from Mississippi Power by offering three options.

 Bronze Level - The Bronze Level can be attained by meeting the basic requirements of an energy-efficient home. Among the requirements listed below are a 13 SEER heat pump and CFL light bulbs. All requirements listed under the bronze heading must be met.

 Silver Level - The Silver Level encourages the construction of a more efficient home and comes with a $500 incentive. You can choose from the many efficient options listed including a 15 SEER heat pump or programmable thermostats. The Silver certification requires that a minimum of 50 points be achieved when adding together the points value of each option installed.

 Gold Level - Go all the way and achieve the Gold Level certification and a $1,000 incentive by meeting the Silver Level requirements and by installing either a geothermal heat pump, a heat pump with a SEER rating above 18 or a whole-house ductless heat pump.

BRONZE Level - Minimum Requirements

Heat Pump: ≥ 13 SEER electric
 R-30 Attic
 R-19 Floors if raised floor space
 R-15 Wall cavity
 U-value of ≤ .60 & SHGC ≤ .60
 Glass area ≤ 25% of floor area
Ductwork: mastic on every joint
Recessed Lighting: IC rated airtight or airtight ready cans
Water Heater: high efficiency, electric, style tank
 All attic penetrations sealed
Exterior Doors:
 Solid wood or metal with insulated core
 Door jambs caulked and insulated
Ridge and Soffit Vents

SILVER Level - 50 Additional Points, $500 Incentive
(Meet BRONZE Level requirements, plus earn ≥ 50 Additional Points)

Options for Additional Points Points
Heat Pump: ≥ 15 SEER electric
 Installed by EarthCents Dealer
 Sized and installed according to Manual J
Heat Pump: ≥ 16 SEER electric
 Installed by EarthCents Dealer
 Sized and installed according to Manual J
  > R-6 Ductwork meeting Manual D specification
Wall Insulation:
 R-30 Rigid Panel Walls
 OR Structural Insulated Panels
 OR Insulated Concrete Forms
 OR Cellulose
 OR Spray Foam
Attic Insulation:
  > R-38
 OR Foam Encapsulated ( needs to have 20 points)
 U-value of ≤ .35 and SHGC ≤ .35
 Low-E coating on east and west exposed
Solar Water Heating 10
Heat Pump Water Heating 10
Water Heater: minimum energy
factor of .92 OR Marathon brand
Programmable Thermostat(s) 5
Automatic dampers for HVAC zoning 5
Each ENERGY STAR® Electric Appliance 3

GOLD Level - Specific Options, $1,000 Total Incentive
(Meet SILVER Level requirements plus install one of the options below)

Geothermal Heat Pump

> 18 SEER Heat Pump

Whole-house Ductless Heat Pump

Solar - Assisted Heat Pump

Energy Check Up