EarthCents Commercial Incentives

Go Electric
Make your business more energy efficient by installing high efficiency electric HVAC equipment, water heaters and electric cooking equipment. To make it easier for you, Mississippi Power has put together a package of EarthCents incentives.

Electric HVAC Equipment

 Boilers and resistance heat - $15 per kW (conversions only)

 Heat Pumps - $20 per ton (conversions only)

 Infrared heat - $5 per kW (new construction, additions and conversions)

Electric Water Heating Equipment

Storage gallons/kW New/Addition Conversion
Up to 7.99 $8 per kW $16 per kW
8 - 11.99 $10 per kW $20 per kW
12 and above $12 per kW $24 per kW

Electric Cooking Equipment

 Conversion/addition - $15 per kW

 New - $5 per kW

 Minimum kW to qualify for cooking incentive is 6 kW per piece of equipment

Offer good for 2013.
Equipment must be installed in the Mississippi Power territory. No other Mississippi Power incentives will apply. Incentives will be paid upon verifi cation of equipment installations. Incentives paid directly to customer. This offer subject to change without notice.