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Outdoor Lighting for Business

Outdoor Light



Great lighting is good business.

Bright, efficient illumination attracts customers, increases safety and keeps your facilities secure. We've been helping light homes and businesses in southeast Mississippi since 1925. Contact Mississippi Power for a consultation and let us light up your business.

Good reasons to lease an outdoor security light from Mississippi Power

  • It’s affordable – because you’re leasing, not buying.
  • No maintenance worries – broken fixtures, bulb replacements, even pole change-outs are our responsibility. Just call us.
  • On at dark, off at dawn – economical and efficient.
  • Inexpensive – your monthly charge includes the electricity used by the light, so you have no additional costs!
  • Pay as you go – with a separate line item on your monthly power bill. No separate check to write.
  • Additional security for home and family.
  • Enjoy your outdoor living area – even after dark!
  • We can usually install your light within days of receiving your order request.
  • Most important – a leader backs your light. Mississippi Power has been lighting homes and businesses in southeast Mississippi since 1925!

Outdoor Lighting Leasing Program

Cost effective lighting is easy with Mississippi Power's leasing option. We will work with you to design an energy-efficient system that matches your style and doesn't compromise the quality of illumination. Leasing provides the ease and affordability you need to run your business. The cost of leasing outdoor lighting from Mississippi Power includes maintenance and can be listed on your energy bill, so you have just one check to write.

Mississippi Power can provide a free consultation service, evaluating your current system and assessing your future needs. This way, we can identify ways to improve efficiency and estimate how much you can save. From the consultation, we will design a system for maximum efficiency without compromising performance. Security, comfort, safety, appearance and efficiency--you'll get a uniform design with the light level to meet your needs. This comprehensive program is guaranteed. Additional benefits of the leasing program are:

  • Flexible service agreement lengths
  • No maintenance worries or costs
  • Toll-free number to report problems
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Included as a line item on your electric bill

We offer many lighting options to match your design specifications and style.

Roadway Security Lights
Our most popular light available in a range of wattages for backdoor, parking lot, and access road applications.
View larger image.

Open Bottom Open Bottom Security Lights
Perfect for outdoor work areas and roadside commercial establishments.
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Shoe Box Shoebox Lights
These attractive lights work nicely in parking areas, driveways, walkways, malls and roadways.
View larger image.

Floor Light Directional Floodlights
Designed for areas where a uniform wide beam is needed. For industrial yard, construction sites, loading docks, parking lots, and many other applications.
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Galleria Galleria Lights
Similar to Shoebox Lights with added styling and optional dual heads.
View larger image.

Decorative Other Decorative Lighting
We offer a wide variety of styles and wattages to suit your business style.
View Other Fixtures

From safety & security to visibility and promotion, our selection of outdoor lighting will meet your needs. There are many options available to you, so please contact us to discuss your specific project.

Lighting Brochure (PDF)