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1,200 became 12,000 and restored power in 12 days.

While June 1 marked the beginning of the annual hurricane season, 2015 also marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, justifiably one of the worst natural disasters to ever strike the United States and certainly the worst to ever impact South Mississippi.

Getting the lights on and keeping the lights on is what Mississippi Power does best. Our approach to disaster preparation and recovery remains proactive to safely restore electric service to our customers as quickly as possible. This was even more important after Katrina and remains our plan today.



The key to restoring power after a storm is preparation, a lesson learned and sharpened through the many storms Mississippi Power has weathered.

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Every one of Mississippi Power's 195,000 customers were without power. Katrina destroyed homes and livelihoods, but could not destroy the spirit of resilient Mississippians.

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As first responders began to clear roads, Mississippi Power employees began to assess the catastrophic damage.

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Mississippi Power leadership and employees joined planners, architects and civic leaders to rebuild.

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