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Breaking New Ground in Kemper County

Mississippi Power has officially broken ground with the first phase of construction on its new Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant in Kemper County.

The 582-megawatt electric generating plant uses state-of-the-art technology and locally mined lignite coal for fuel. It represents an investment of about $2.4 billion in the state of Mississippi.

In addition to providing the most affordable and reliable source of electricity, this economic development project will require up to 1,000 craft workers during peak construction and will create approximately 260 permanent jobs when the plant goes into service.

A total of 69 Mississippi companies are providing construction, equipment, material and/or services for the project during the initial construction phase.

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security, in conjunction with Mississippi Power, opened a WIN Job Center in Kemper County to facilitate hiring for this plant and for other companies interested in hiring local residents.

This project offers a variety of well-paying jobs to Mississippians who are ready to get the training they need and work hard to ultimately improve their quality of life.

To date, Mississippi Power has contractual agreements with Mississippi-based companies worth more than $211 million and the company will continue this commitment throughout the construction of the plant.