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The Kemper County energy facility will use state-of-the-art electric power plant technology that - simply put - will turn lignite into a cleaner burning gas.

Reduced emissions

The Kemper plant will be a leader in providing clean, safe power. Because emission controls are built into the plant and closely monitored throughout the coal gasification process, the project will have fewer sulfur dioxide, particulate and mercury emissions than traditional coal technology.

Carbon Capture

The innovative technology that will be implemented at the Kemper County energy facility is truly state-of-the-art. The technology, designed by our parent Southern Company and partners KBR and the U.S. Department of Energy, and tested at the National Carbon Capture Center, is helping to lead the way in producing electricity with lower carbon emissions.

After locally mined lignite is gasified, three byproducts, carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, will be removed from the gas stream. The project will capture at least 65 percent of the carbon dioxide produced, with resulting carbon emissions comparable to a similarly sized natural gas plant.

The captured carbon dioxide will be transported along a 61-mile pipeline to Denbury Resources and Treetop Midstream Services. The companies will use the carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery to find oil that was previously unreachable.

Using carbon dioxide from Kemper is expected to increase U.S. oil output by 2 million barrels per year, playing an important role in reducing Mississippi's and America's use of foreign oil and keeping oil revenue at home rather than sending it overseas.

Water Wise

The Kemper plant site will be a zero liquid discharge facility, which means none of the water used to generate electricity will end up in surrounding streams and rivers. Mississippi Power will use the best, least cost and most environmentally friendly option for supplying cooling water to the Kemper County energy facility. Mississippi Power has signed a contractual agreement with the City of Meridian for the majority of its treated effluent supply. In October 2012, the city's treated effluent began flowing to the plant site. It fills a nearly 90-acre reservoir which holds about 50 days' worth of water.