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Why build a power plant?

Mississippi is growing. Mississippi Power wants to be ready.

In order to meet future needs of Mississippi Power customers, we must plan for growth now - and buy energy or build suitable electric power plants.

It's no surprise that Mississippi's electric power needs are growing. We need a large power plant to meet future energy load growth. The Kemper County energy facility will help us to continue to serve our customers with reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly electricity.


The Kemper County energy facility will use state-of-the-art electric power plant technology called integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC).

IGCC converts lignite to gas. Simply put, the process sends lignite through a device called a gasifier where, by being subjected to high temperatures and high pressure, the lignite undergoes a chemical reaction creating a synthesis gas. The cleaned gas is then used to generate power by firing it in a gas turbine.

Electricity generated from IGCC has fewer emissions than existing pulverized coal power plants.

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Why Kemper County?

Mississippi Power performed a comprehensive assessment of numerous sites in the state for the potential addition of an integrated gasification power plant to serve customers. The best site turned out to be outside Mississippi Power's service territory - in Kemper County.

Kemper County was selected because it:

  • Takes advantage of an untapped, natural resource - Mississippi lignite.
  • Helps balance the electric demand and strengthens electric reliability in Mississippi.