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Kemper Plant

Aerial view of construction. View larger image.

In 2006, a comprehensive generation study, due diligence and careful evaluation of financial, environmental and technological assessments, identified the Kemper County energy facility as the best new generation resource for meeting a growing customer demand. After two phases of public hearings and much research, the Public Service Commission issued an order in June 2010 permitting the construction of the Kemper County energy facility, which is scheduled to come online in 2014.


Erection of 102 sets of concrete poles were set to span nearly 60 miles of new overhead transmission lines.View larger image.

New and upgraded transmission facilities, including substations and overhead, high-voltage transmission lines will interconnect the Kemper plant to the existing grid and transport electricity generated from the plant to Mississippi Power's customers. Along with five new substations, approximately 60 miles of new overhead transmission lines are being constructed and placed in operation.


The Kemper facility will be fueled by Mississippi lignite, an abundant, affordable natural resource that is not subject to the price volatility and transportation costs associated with other fuel sources.View larger image.

Mississippi has a 4-billion-ton reserve of lignite and the Liberty Mine in Kemper County represents a generous portion of that. The Kemper plant will use about 375,000 tons of the locally mined lignite per month or almost 150 million tons over the expected 40-year life. Lignite is an affordable fuel alternative and not subject to the highly volatile pricing swings experienced in other fuel markets.