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HVAC Systems


The heating and cooling system that a customer selects when building or remodeling their home goes a long way in determining homeowner comfort and satisfaction.

The energy a home uses depends on the home's energy efficiency, size, location, climate and the efficiency of the heating and cooling system as well as a family's size and lifestyle.

The electric heat pump is an efficient and economical choice for year-round heating and cooling — all-in-one. A heat pump operates efficiently year-round because it uses energy to move heat, not create it. The result is a more efficient use of electricity.

The electric heat pump

The most common type of heat pump is the air-source heat pump. During summer, it pulls heat from inside the home and moves it outside. In the winter, the process is reversed. Even cold, outside air contains enough heat to warm a home. When temperatures drop extremely low, an auxiliary heat system uses electric resistance technology to provide supplemental heat.

Other types of heat pumps

Dual fuel or piggyback heat pumps — If you have a relatively new gas or propane furnace, a dual fuel or piggyback heat pump may be a better choice than simply replacing an old air conditioner. You'll still get all the advantages and savings of a heat pump in the summer and winter. And on the coldest day, the furnace will supplement your heat pump so you'll get top efficiency from both units.

Geothermal or ground source heat pump — The newest heating and cooling technology uses the earth's constant temperature to increase efficiencies and comfort. Because the ground temperature below the frost line remains relatively constant throughout the year, it's a good heat source for heat pumps. And there's no outdoor unit because it uses the earth for a heat exchanger.

Integrated heat pump — This unit provides low energy bills as well as free hot water in the cooling mode. It does this by taking waste heat, usually blown outside the home during the cooling mode, and uses it to heat water at no additional energy cost. In the heating season, you get inexpensive hot water— about one-third the cost of a regular water heater.

Room heat pump — Room heat pumps are designed to heat and cool a single room or zone. These systems are designed for permanent through-the-outside wall installations and are ideal for new room additions where the existing heating or cooling system is inadequate or impractical.

For more information

Mississippi Power or authorized dealers can provide more information, assist you with financing, and help you choose the best heat pump system for your home. Call us at 1-800-268-9644 for more information.