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Power Quality


Your operations and patients depend on it.

Power quality problems can have life-threatening consequences. Clean, reliable power plays a critical role in your health care business. That's why we established EPQ — our Enhanced Power Quality service program — with a staff of engineers and a full complement of products and services to help you get the most from your energy purchase.

Features Advantages & benefits
Common Problems and Solutions summary A quick reference that will help you identify potential solutions.
On-site analysis, pre-construction planning and maintenance services You prevent many potential power quality problems.
Power quality products You know you're buying the right products for your facility.
Power quality training for your engineering & maintenance staff Your people can address future power quality issues.

Typical power quality problems & solutions

There are two general classes of problems: those that are easy to identify and address, and those that require expert analysis and specialized equipment. We can help you with both.

Common problems Solutions
Intermittent interruptions — from time to time that are brief in duration UPS — Uninterruptible power supplies
Power surges — typically caused by lightning, these fast, high-voltage events can damage sensitive equipment. Surge suppressors — connected between your equipment and power supplies.
Harmonics — the currents from some electrical equipment within your facility can overheat wires and transformers throughout your facility. Harmonics testing and filtering — determining the frequency response of a system, the effects of capacitor banks, and voltage distortions. Specify harmonics filters.
Single-phasing (or phase loss) - is the loss of one-phase in a three-phase power system commonly caused by fuses blowing or circuit breakers opening on only one-phase. Phase loss relays (also known as phase line monitors, single phase voltage relay, undervoltage monitoring relay, etc.) installed on the upstream motor contactor or power breaker with ground trip function

If you are having some of the more complex problems listed in the table above, contact us to help you solve them.

On-site analysis

If you are having power quality problems with your facility, our engineers can identify the cause and recommend solutions. Complex situations such as harmonics, transients, grounding, voltage sags, swells, flicker and noise are some of the areas where we can be of assistance. This can mean lower maintenance costs, preventing damage to sensitive equipment and improving manufacturing yield and quality.

Pre-construction planning

If you're planning new construction, we can help you evaluate the electrical system such that it will operate in today and tomorrow's electrical environment. The results help you prevent potential power quality problems that surface after construction is complete.

Power quality conditioning equipment

We can assist with equipment specifications for an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) or other power conditioning equipment. We can even provide a sale or leasing alternative to fit your company's budget.

Training and seminars

Our training courses and seminars cover a wide range of topics including: grounding, lightning protection, harmonics and power disturbances. We can also custom design training to meet your specific needs.