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Advantages of Electric Heat

Electric heating equipment is usually less expensive to install than fuel-fired systems. Where heating is infrequent (such as with buildings with high internal gains), the annual operating costs may be low as well. Where hours of use could be significant, increases in building insulation may prove desirable since operating savings usually provide an adequate financial offset.

Electric heat - comfort-flexibility

Each area can be heated independently and controlled with individual thermostats. Additional areas that may be added in the future can be heated without expensive heating plant expansion. Year-round comfort is improved as a result of increased insulation.

Electric heat building cost

Elimination of boiler, boiler room chimney, and fuel tanks, and the saving of valuable floor space reduces initial construction cost .

Electric heat safety

The danger of explosion, asphyxiation, and fuel leakage is eliminated.

Electric heat maintenance

No boiler cleaning pump replacements or possible freeze ups from boiler breakdowns. It may also be possible to eliminate the requirement of operating engineers in some areas.

Electric heat - cleaner

The elimination of flue, smoke and fumes reduces cleaning costs, janitorial expenses and redecorating costs.