Mississippi Power

Pricing information is available as PDF files.

Standard Application Rates
GS-LVS-11 General Service - Low Voltage Single Phase
GS-LVT-8 General Service - Low Voltage Three Phase
GS-HV-10 General Service - High Voltage
GSEH-LVS-11 General Service Electric Heating - Low Voltage Single Phase
GSEH-LVT-8 General Sevice Electric Heating - Low Voltage Three Phase
GSEH-HV-9 General Service Heating - High Voltage
LGS-LV-6 Large General Service - Low Voltage
LGS-HV-6 Large General Service - High Voltage
LGS-EH-LV-6 Large General Service - Low Voltage
LGS-EH-HV-6 Large General Service - High Voltage
LGS-TOU-11 Large General Service Time of Use
LPO-40 Large Power High Load Factor
LPO-TOU-10 Large Power Time of Use
Special Application Rates
T-32 Temporary
T-LP-23 Temporary Rider for Large Power Requirements
FC-3 Facilities Charge
GP-40 Electric Pumping Service
OSL-21 Outdoor Sports Lighting
SL-27 Street Lighting
OL-22 Outdoor Lighting
HIl-18 Highway Interchange Lighting
CSPP-3 Cogeneration and Small Power Production Purchases
SPSS-5 Small Power Standby and Supplemental Service
LPSS-5 Large Power Standby and Supplemental Service
GPP Green Power Pricing
FLC Formulary Lighting Charge
FFC Formulary Facilities Charge
Rate Riders
CR-35 Church Electric Service Rider
SA-2 School Account Electric Service Rider
SR-9 Seasonal Electric Service Rider
LLF-12 Low Load Factor Rider
PL-OP-3* Pipeline Off-Peak Rider
OWD Oil Well Development Rider
SBR Small Business Redevelopment
LBR Large Business Redevelopment
SBE Small Business Expansion
* not available to new customers
Adjustment Clauses and Plans
FCR-2 Fuel Cost Recovery Clause
ATA-1 Ad Valorem Tax Adjustment Clause
ECO-2 Environmental Compliance Overview
RTR-2 Regulatory Tax Recovery Clause
PEP-5 Performance Evaluation Plan
RNA-1 Revenue Neutral Adjustment Clause
ECM-2 Energy Cost Management Clause
SRR System Restoration Rider
Rate Adjustment Factors - Bulletin
ATA-1 Ad Valorem Tax Adjustment Bulletin
ECO-2 Environmental Compliance Overview Bulletin
FCR-2 Retail Fuel Cost Recovery Bulletin
RTR-2 Regulatory Tax Recovery Bulletin
SRC System Restoration Charge Bulletin
SRR System Restoration Rider

Residential Pricing

You can also view residential pricing in the Your Home section.

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