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Manage Your Account

We provide a number of bill payment options for our business customers. Browse our options and find information about what might be causing high bills, as well as pricing and rate information for businesses.

1. Register for an online account.

Simply create a profile by entering your username and password.

2. Confirm your new password.

Finish your registration by completing the online form and submitting it.

3. Log in to your new online account.

Now enter in your username and password, and you're all set!

Access Your Account

Register for an online account or view account history.

Pricing and Rates

Review the latest commercial pricing information. 

Summary Billing

Receive fewer bills and process payments more efficiently.

Payment Options

Auto Pay, ACH, on-the-go — find the payment option that works best for you.

Property Managers Portal

With our FREE Property Managers tool, you can submit or schedule payments, access your billing and payment history, initiate service requests, and more (without having to be on a Landlord Agreement).

Manage Energy Costs with My Power Usage

Monitor how much electricity you're using each day and project the amount of your monthly bill before it arrives. Usage is updated every 24 hours, so you can adjust your energy consumption according to your lifestyle and budget and even set email alerts for daily or monthly usage. Start by logging in or registering your online account. Select "My Power Usage" or click on your "Service Amount & Usage" chart.

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Billing Questions

Take a look at the most common causes of unexpected changes in your bills.

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