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Supplier Information

Working With Us

Mississippi Power is committed to the highest standards of ethical and legal compliance. When applying to become a trusted supplier, you will be agreeing with compliance principles, which are a summary of some of the governing terms and conditions contained in our contracts. In addition, you can be confident that ethical behavior applies to every part of our business.

These standards are embodied in Our Values and our Code of Ethics. Our contracts include provisions which specifically require suppliers to conduct their activities in a highly ethical manner and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Please let us know if you are ever asked by a company representative to do something you consider to be unethical or illegal, or if you observe illegal conduct at our company. You can contact our management by calling our Concerns Program confidential reporting line 1.800.492.3902.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity is one of Mississippi Power's corporate goals. The company's initiatives are designed to provide business opportunities for small and diverse businesses, including minority-owned, woman-owned, HUBZone, veteran-owned and service disabled veteran-owned businesses.

A diverse supplier base not only makes good business sense, but it also maximizes the value of our supply chain through the following:

  • Cultivation - We promote diversity that adds quality and helps proven suppliers grow and develop their businesses.
  • Citizenship - We strive to be a good corporate citizen and improve the economies of the communities we serve.
  • Compliance - We comply with all regulatory guidelines, adhere to regulatory agencies and meet our spending goals with a pool of certified, high-quality suppliers.

All suppliers are expected to compete on quality, reliability and price.

Supplier Registration

To be considered as a supplier with Mississippi Power, access our online self-registration portal, Smart by GEP, to complete your supplier registration.

You can also complete and submit the appropriate registration packet:

Submit your completed registration form via email or mail to:
Mississippi Power
Attn: Supply Chain Management
P.O. Box 4079
Gulfport, MS 39502-4079

Your information will be added to our bid list based on your qualifications.

Mississippi Power supports the Mississippi Public Service Commission's Hire Mississippi Rule to encourage Mississippi companies to participate in the bid process for projects.

Compliance Principles

When applying to become a trusted partner, you will be agreeing with the Southern Company Compliance Principles outlined below. These principles are a summary of the actual governing terms and conditions contained in our contracts.

Equal Employment / Harassment

Discrimination or harassment of any kind or character, based on race, gender, color, religion, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status, including but not limited to conduct or language derogatory to any individual that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment, will not be tolerated. Specific examples include, but are not limited to, jokes, pranks, epithets, written or graphic material, or hostility or aversion toward any individual or group.

Suppliers/contractors are expected to comply with all applicable immigration laws, including the Immigration Act of 1990.

Workplace Threats and Violence

Any conduct or acts such as threats or violence that creates a hostile, abusive, or intimidating work environment will not be tolerated. Examples of such inappropriate behaviors include, but are not limited to fighting, abusive language, inappropriate signage, use or possession of firearms on Company property, and destruction of Company or Company employee property. Any person who makes a substantial threat, exhibits threatening behavior or engages in violent acts is subject to immediate removal from Company property and may be subject to further actions, including referral for criminal prosecution.

No Toleration of Unacceptable Behaviors

If a supplier's representative observes a purchaser employee doing or is ever asked by a purchaser employee to do something the supplier's representative considers to be unethical, illegal, or in violation of these behavior standards, purchaser expects supplier to notify purchaser management immediately or call Southern Company Workplace Ethics at 1.800.492.3902.

Electronic Communications

The use of the Company's computers, email, telephone or voice-mail system, that in any way involves material that is obscene, pornographic, sexually oriented, threatening, or otherwise derogatory or offensive to any individual, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status, is prohibited.

Safety and the Environment

Suppliers and Contractors are expected to meet their responsibility for assuring the safety and health of their employees and to protect the environment. The Company will choose and retain suppliers and/or contractors who consistently perform in compliance with these expectations.

Drugs and Alcohol

All individuals are prohibited from possessing, selling, distributing, using, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on Company property. Supplier or contractor employees may be required to submit to a urinalysis, breath analysis, blood test or other appropriate test to identify the presence of drugs, alcohol, or hallucinogens.

Conflict of Interest

The engagement in any activity that creates a conflict of interest or appearance of the same, or that jeopardizes the integrity of Company or Contractor, is prohibited. This includes providing gifts, gratuities, events, and trips to Company employees that are not part of a reasonable business relationship.