Find fun and educational activities to encourage learning with our friend, Louie. We’ve put together these interactive resources for you to enjoy with your family - there's something for children of all ages, as well as the child at heart.

Louie's outdoor classroom

Check out these fun activities for children of all ages to Learn with Louie about nature.

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Save energy, save money.

Share these energy-saving tips and tools with your children to help manage your energy costs while everyone is home. 

Do you know how to save energy at home?

Watch this funny video to learn from one family's energy-saving adventure and take the survey below to test your energy-saving savvy.

Learn with Louie Bingo

Download our entertaining BINGO game to help children learn steps they can take to save energy.

Learn more with Louie

Click the video to hear a lesson from Louie.

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Electric Universe

Find games, videos and more to keep children busy and help them learn.

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Teacher Lesson Plans

Looking for STEM-related lesson plans to upload for online learning? Find them here!

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