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Energy Assistance Program

Steps to Bill Payment Assistance (LIHEAP)

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

It is easy to apply for assistance. All you need is a computer with internet access, and then follow these simple steps:

1. Go to  and click on "PRE-APP" at the top or to the left side of your screen to start. After clicking on PRE-APP, click "Accept" to continue or "Decline" to stop.

2. If you're continuing, enter your personal information. When finished, click "Next" to continue or "Undo" to start over.

3. Provide information about your home. After entering, click "Next" to continue. If your home is all electric (no gas bill), enter 0 for the estimate of your current utility bill for gas.

4. Enter the number of household members with income. If one person has two jobs, enter one person and combine the income under monthly income. (Note: To avoid submission problems, do not use apostrophes. If your name or a household member's name has an apostrophe, spell the name without the apostrophe.) The name entered in Step 3 is the first member of the household. Next, click the down arrow for that person's marital status. Then, identify if that person is disabled or not. Lastly, enter the person's monthly income.

5. For more than one person in your household, click the plus (+) sign to the right of the monthly income box to add all members. Enter all their names and information. If a household member doesn't have an income, enter 0 for the amount. To delete a name, click the (-) sign. After adding everyone, click "Next.

6. Your total household income and yearly household income will be automatically calculated. Then, answer "How did you hear about this program" by clicking the down arrow and choosing how you found out about the program. Lastly, choose if you're completing this PRE-APP for someone else by choosing "Yes" or "No." Click on "Submit" to complete the PRE-APP process.

7. Finally, review the household income information to make sure it's correct. To make changes just click on "Edit" in the section that needs changing. After your information is correct, choose "Submit PRE-APP" at the bottom to apply for assistance.

8. Once the pre-application is submitted, a "Thank You" screen appears with information on service you may qualify for.

9. Click the blue box and file. This document will have information about the different programs you may qualify for and documents needed for your appointment.