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Field of outdoor solar panels

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Mississippi Power now offers solar lighting, a new and exciting opportunity to install lights where it may not have been possible in the past.  Solar lighting may be the perfect solution for a customer's unique location or sustainability requirements as it provides quality nighttime illumination.

Pole-mounted solar lighting systems consist of the following components:

  • Solar array or panel for collecting energy from the sun during the day
  • Battery for energy storage
  • Charge controller or energy management device
  • LED light fixture

How solar lighting systems work:

  • The solar panel or array collects energy from the sun during daylight hours.
  • Energy collected is stored in the battery to power the light during nighttime hours.
  • The charge controller or energy management system regulates power input to the battery to prevent overcharging and controls power output to the light. It also regulates and adjusts the amount of power going to the light to ensure that the light will operate under adverse weather conditions such as overcast or rainy days. Timing of operation of the light is also controlled by this component.

Solar lighting provides the same benefits as other lighting options:

  • It's affordable — because you're leasing, not buying, plus there are no upfront costs for overhead wiring installations.
  • No maintenance worries — our experts will take care of all repairs and replacements of inoperative lights.
  • Pay as you go — with a separate line item on your monthly power bill
  • Additional security
Solar Lighting
Solar Lighting