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Parking deck at night with outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting

These days, it's important to set your business apart from your competition and create a setting that will give your customers confidence in dealing with your company. One easy way to do that is to improve your outdoor lighting.

Well-designed outdoor lighting makes your property more attractive, inviting and enhances your customers' and employees' comfort and security. And that makes your business more appealing overall. 

Why Use Mississippi Power?

Mississippi Power's outdoor lighting experts work with you to create an outdoor lighting system that will help you shine above the rest. We can provide outdoor lighting anywhere in the state, even if your electricity is not provided by Mississippi Power. Our outdoor lighting team has the knowledge and experience to design a lighting system tailored to your specific situation. We can help you determine what type of lighting your business needs, whether that means a few lights or a complete outdoor lighting system. And you can be assured that the initial installation and ongoing maintenance will be done right the first time and on time by our skilled installation and maintenance personnel.

Mississippi Power is your full-service partner for lighting design, product selection, installation and maintenance on your projects.

Benefits of Mississippi Power Outdoor Lighting

  • Professional site evaluation and lighting design expertise at no charge
  • A wide selection of light fixtures and poles from top manufacturers
  • Experienced professional installation crews
  • Purchase and lease options available

Leasing Benefits

Outdoor lighting is a smart investment. Not only does it improve your building's or home's appearance, it also provides an extra measure of safety after dark.

Leasing provides the option of paying a monthly charge for the use of a lighting system instead of paying the full cost of the equipment and installation upfront. When you lease lights from Mississippi Power, you won't have to worry about your lights again. Our customer service representatives will answer your service call, and your outdoor lights will be quickly repaired and maintained on an ongoing basis by our professional lighting service technicians.

Enjoy the benefits:

  • It's affordable — because you're leasing, not buying, plus there are no upfront costs for overhead wiring installations.
  • No maintenance worries — our experts will take care of all repairs and replacements of inoperative lights.
  • Pay as you go — with a separate line item on your monthly power bill.
  • On at dark, off at dawn — economical and efficient
  • Additional security

Sports Lighting

Mississippi Power’s Sports Lighting provides lighting design and installation services for venues of any type or size. With our custom designed lighting systems, you can create an exciting nighttime venue for all your sporting events.

Benefits of Mississippi Power Outdoor Lighting

  • Professional site evaluation and lighting design to meet Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) standards at no charge 
  • A wide selection of light fixtures and poles from top manufacturers 
  • Experienced professional installation crews 
  • Purchase and lease options available

Our solutions include:

  • Full turnkey installation 
  • New construction and retrofit solutions 
  • Financing and leasing options available
Sports Lighting
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Lighting Options

Set up and compare your lighting options. 

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LED Lighting

Find out about light emitting diode (LED) lighting from Mississippi Power.

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Outdoor Solar Lighting

Find the perfect solution for your unique lighting needs.

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