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Solar panels

Renewable Energy

Mississippi Power is engaged in finding practical renewable generation options for our region. We are partnering with Southern Company and other groups to research and evaluate the development of those sources in our area that show promise for producing cost-effective and reliable energy. We are also working with customers to identify renewable options and technologies for their homes and businesses.


We are in partnership with three solar energy businesses and the U.S. Navy on four utility-scale solar facilities in the company's service territory, generating nearly 160 MW of electricity, enough to power more than 23,000 homes for a full year.

Mississippi Power Utility-Scale Facilities:

  • A 3.29-MW utility-scale solar energy project owned by TerraForm Arcadia Holdings at the Naval Construction Battalion Center (Seabee Base) in Gulfport, Miss.
  • A 50-MW utility-scale solar energy project in Hattiesburg, Miss., owned by Silicon Ranch Corporation.
  • A 52-MW utility-scale solar energy project in Sumrall, Miss., owned by D.E. Shaw.
  • A 52.5-MW utility-scale solar energy project in Lauderdale County, Miss., owned by Silicon Ranch Corporation.

Mississippi Power receives the solar energy and renewable energy credits generated by these facilities, which we can use to serve our customers or sell to third parties for the benefit of customers.

Solar and Battery Storage

Mississippi Power’s Walnut Grove Demonstration Project is one of the nation’s most advanced green microgrids. Walnut Grove represents the future of renewables by combining the latest cutting edge solar technology with DC coupled battery storage and provides the opportunity for exploration of how these clean distributed energy resources can serve our communities and enhance system reliability. The facility is capable of producing approximately 1.5 MWs of clean, carbon free solar energy and provides more than 5 MWhs of battery storage capacity. The facility offers the opportunity for demonstration of advanced solar photovoltaic and battery-energy storage technology concepts and assessment of the suitability of this arrangement to provide microgrid capabilities for areas like the Walnut Grove Community. The project represents a total investment of $7.8 million in Leake County.


Southeast/South Central Mississippi's potential for economically viable wind power generation is limited based on current wind resource and suitability studies. Southern Company will continue to pursue the development of feasible wind energy generation in the southeast considering suitable wind resource, environmental factors, economics and community impact. Southern Company plans to continue assessing the technology as a long-term renewable resource option. As wind technology continues to improve, there may be opportunity to capture better wind resource at higher hub heights which may help overcome current economic barriers. With community support, wind energy may yet someday contribute to the energy needs of the southeast.