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Manage Your Account

At Mississippi Power, we want to keep things as simple and convenient as possible when it comes to paying your monthly bill. We offer several options for payment, so you can find the method that best fits you. Choose from simple Budget Billing, which allows you to keep your payments about the same each month, or other options designed to take the pressure out of paying your bill.

1. Register for an online account. 

Simply create a profile by entering your user name and password.

2. Confirm your new password. 

Finish your registration by completing the online form and submitting it.

3. Log in to your new online account. 

Now enter your user name and password, and you're all set!

Payment Options

Pay Online Using Your Bank Account

Pay your bill online with or without logging in our site. If you log in, your information will be provided on the page.  If you choose to pay without logging in you will need your account number. 

Pay Using a Debit or Credit Card

Pay your bill by using BillMatrix, an automated payment service not associated with Mississippi Power. Your account number and a valid debit or credit card are required. Pay online using BillMatrix or call them at 800-834-2073.

Auto Pay

You can pay your bill without lifting a finger. Auto Pay is a free and convenient way to pay your monthly utility bill without worrying about checks, postage or paying on time. We will continue to read your meter and calculate your bill each month. You will continue to receive your bill as you normally do, but instead of "Please Pay By" being displayed on the bill, we will print the date when your bank account will be drafted for the amount of your bill.

Pay in Person

Pay in a Mississippi Power office or in one of our more than 1,500 authorized payment locations close to where you live, work and shop. Authorized payment locations are a convenient way to pay your bill at a time and place that fits your schedule.

Find a convenient payment location

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Mississippi Power Mobile App

Find convenient tools to securely pay bills, monitor energy usage, receive alerts, report outages, view account history and more, all in one place right at your fingertips.

How do I delete or remove accounts from my profile on the mobile app?

To delete an account from your profile on the mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Login to your profile.
  • Navigate to the “Account” section.
  • Choose “Manage Accounts”.
  • Select the trash can icon located at the top right corner next to the account description.
  • Confirm your selection to remove the account.

How do I delete or remove accounts from my profile on desktop or mobile browser?

To delete an account from your profile from desktop or mobile browser, follow these steps:

  • Login to your profile.
  • Navigate to “My Profile”.
  • Choose “Manage Accounts”.
  • Select “Remove”.
  • Confirm your selection to remove the account.
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Budget Billing

Budget Billing smooths out seasonal power bill changes. 

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Paperless Billing

Simplify your life by switching to paperless today. Paperless billing is secure, convenient and free. 

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Fraud Protection

Things you should know to protect you and your information

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Manage Energy Costs with My Power Usage

Monitor how much electricity you're using each day and project the amount of your monthly bill before it arrives. Usage is updated every 24 hours, so you can adjust your energy consumption according to your lifestyle and budget and even set email alerts for daily or monthly usage. Start by logging in or registering your online account. Select "My Power Usage" or click on your "Service Amount & Usage" chart.

Other Billing Options

Braille/Large Print Bill

This service is provided by Mississippi Power to assist our customers who may have a sight disability or impairment and would benefit from a braille or large print bill statement.

Third-Party Notification

The Third-Party Notification program allows a customer to designate a person of their choice, such as a relative or neighbor, to receive a duplicate copy of any disconnect notice the customer may receive as a result of an overdue bill. This service could be especially useful to the elderly, sick or people who are away from home for extended periods of time. Copies of regular bills are not sent to the third party. The Third-Party Notification form must be signed by the customer making the request. The designated third party is not obligated or responsible for payment of the bill. Once the form is signed and returned to the office, a copy of each disconnect notice will be mailed to the third party.

L.I.V.E Program

The L.I.V.E. (Lines Into Vital Equipment) program is designed to flag accounts so that special effort can be made to avoid accidental disconnection of electric service. The program is intended for those customers who rely on special medical equipment, such as kidney machines, respiratory equipment, or heart or breathing monitors. This program does not prevent disconnection of service due to the failure to pay the electric service bill nor does it prevent power from going out during an outage. The account can be established on the L.I.V.E. program when the customer provides an original completed application form to Mississippi Power signed by the customer's physician to document the type of life support equipment in use.

Contact our Customer Care Center at 800-532-1502 for more information.