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Payment Options

Streamline your business transactions by utilizing our helpful payment services, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. 

Online Payment Options

Paperless billing not only saves precious resources but can also be a more convenient way to keep on top of your bills. Set up email reminders and view exact copies of your bill online, along with other benefits:

  • Receive email notifications when your paperless bill is sent.
  • Immediate payment confirmation.
  • Save or print the online bill for record-keeping purposes.
  • No need for stamps and trips to the post office.

Auto Pay

With Auto Pay, we will continue to read your meter and calculate your bill each month. You will continue to receive your bill as you normally do, but instead of "Please Pay By" being displayed on the bill, we will print the date when your bank account will be drafted for the amount of your bill.

Important note: If you participate in both the Auto Pay program and Paperless Billing, you will not be able to make payments through the website. If you are currently a Paperless Billing customer and wish to sign up on Auto Pay, please make your online payment prior to enrolling in Auto Pay; otherwise, you will need to mail in your payment. You will have the opportunity to pay your outstanding balance as part of the Auto Pay enrollment process.

How quickly will Auto Pay start?

The Auto Pay program normally begins with your next bill. Please read the message on your bill or the website for the exact date your bill amount will be deducted from your bank account.

How do I cancel Auto Pay?

You may cancel Auto Pay at any time at no charge, simply by clicking the "Cancel" link found on the top of this page on the website or by contacting Customer Service.

How do I stop a payment?

If you need to stop a payment, you must contact Customer Service a minimum of five business days before the scheduled draft date; otherwise, please contact your financial institution. Applicable fees may apply if you do not meet the five business day minimum for stopping a payment.

Can I also enroll in Paperless Billing or Budget Billing?

Yes, customers enrolled in Paperless Billing or Budget Billing may also enroll in Auto Pay.

Payment Locations

Pay in a Mississippi Power office or more than 1,500 authorized payment locations close to where you live, work and shop. Authorized payment locations are a convenient way to pay your bill at a time and place fits your schedule.

Find a payment location near you.

ACH Payments

Minimize posting time with this electronic bill payment program.

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EDI Guidelines

Find out how Electronic Data Interchange can streamline your business transaction process. 

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