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LED Outdoor lighting

LED Lighting

Although Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting has been around since the 1960s, with today's technology the LED light has evolved into a light source that delivers a high-quality white or colored light that consumes far less energy than other light sources. LED lighting has transformed the way we think about lighting and the way we illuminate our public and private spaces. When properly evaluated and deployed, LED lighting systems can significantly improve the quality of the environment and the quality of life.

We offer LEDs for select street and area lighting applications. The benefits include:

  • Enhanced lighting quality
  • Improved lighting uniformity
  • Energy efficient
  • Long fixture life
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Light trespass minimized/eliminated
  • Instant on/no warm-up
  • Environmentally friendly

Memorial Hospital has always utilized Mississippi Power's outdoor lighting leasing program for our properties. We find it to be a great value with fast and reliable customer service. Mississippi Power recently finalized a complete LED outdoor lighting conversion to all of our parking areas. The increased lighting levels and quality of light far exceeded our initial expectations. The new lighting system brings a better sense of security to both our guests and employees.

- Craig Doby, Plant Supervisor and Glenn Lumpkin, Engineering Supervisor - Gulfport, MS

Mississippi Power recently installed LED lighting along E. Franklin and Archusa Road. Whenever our City makes an improvement, it is noticed by just a few citizens, but the LED street lighting installation is something else. Our people are excited and can't believe how much brighter the two main entrances to our city are. The change in lighting is the talk of the town. This has been one of the best things to happen for the City of Quitman in the last 10 years. These lighting improvements say everything positive about our community, and I am ecstatic that we made this decision.

- Mayor Eddie Fulton - Quitman, MS

LED lighting has been a wonderful improvement for the City of Waynesboro. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and inviting but derails crime in the area. The yellow light has always been depressing to me but the new LED lights makes the businesses more inviting and the atmosphere in the town has completely changed. We appreciate Mississippi Power Company for bringing this technology to the city. We are proud of the fact that the City of Waynesboro has been forefront in this technology and can bring such a great improvement to the citizens of this area.

- Mayor Richard Johnson

Our Beaumont facility just had Mississippi Power upgrade our outdoor pole-mounted lighting to LED. This upgrade has drastically changed the look of our business at night. We are thoroughly impressed with the uniform white light that also comes with lower energy usage and maintenance costs, with no upfront cost. We thank Mississippi Power for serving our outdoor lighting needs.- Joe Charette, Electrical Superintendent 

- Beaumont, MS

Recently we contacted Mississippi Power about making upgrades to the lighting in our parking lot at Northcrest Baptist Church. Due to having multiple meeting areas on campus and a large parking lot between these areas, we often have many pedestrians in the parking lot as well as approximately 275 cars arriving and leaving at night. Our old lighting was a yellow type of light that had many dark spots and poor coverage. The old system did not provide the safety or look we were needing for our church. After contacting Mississippi Power and working with their knowledgeable sales staff, we agreed that instead of just adding more of the old-style lights that we already had that we would upgrade all and add a few new poles with LED white light. We have been totally pleased with the new look and coverage. Our new lighting provides much greater coverage and a much safer environment for our church. Every part of the purchase, design, and install process was easy, pleasant and extremely professional. We are very thankful for the great work and the final results. Come and see our great new parking lot lighting system at Northcrest Baptist Church.

- John David Ainsworth, Media Minister