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PPE Testing Laboratory

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Testing Lab

Maintain Safe Working Conditions for Linemen

To ensure personal protective equipment is performing at its best, routine, comprehensive testing for effectiveness is key. The trained staff at the Mississippi Power PPE Testing Lab performs thorough equipment testing on a wide range of PPE products to keep your employees protected and on the job.

The PPE Testing Lab offers several services including equipment training for your employees, equipment repair, and competitively priced direct sales for replacements if needed. For over 20 years, we have been helping keep linemen safe and on top of safety certifications. 


Equipment Testing and PPE Test Procedures

The testing lab follows ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) specifications for insulated gloves and sleeves, insulated rubber blankets, and hot line tools. Items to be tested are cleaned and inspected before going through electrical testing.

Passing equipment is then certified, stamped, inventoried, and packed for return. Equipment that fails testing can be repaired in the case of blankets and hot line tools, or competitively priced replacements can be ordered directly from us.

Our PPE testing includes a number of services: 

  • Insulated Gloves and Sleeves – Test, certify or replace

  • Insulated Rubber Blankets – Test, repair, certify or replace

  • Line Hose or Hoods – Test, certify

  • Temporary Protective Grounds – Test, repair, certify or construct new

  • Mats – Test, certify or replace

  • Cutout Covers – Test, certify or replace

  • Hot Line Tools – Test, repair, certify 

  • Hot Line Jumpers – Test, repair, certify or construct new

  • Boots – Test, certify or replace

  • Grounds – Test, repair, certify or construct new

PPE Testing Standards and Requirements

Mississippi Power Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Testing Lab strictly adheres to ASTM f496-95a and OSHA 1910.137 for rubber gloves and sleeves, ASTM F479-95 for blankets and ASTM F711-89 and OSHA 1910.269(j) for hot sticks. 


Boxes of PPE Tested products stacked on warehouse shelf

Additional Services 

The safety of your crew is important to us and to help you manage and implement successful safety measures, we offer services beyond just testing and certification. On-site training of proper PPE use and care for your employees is available from our team. To stay on top of your equipment certification dates, we also send email reminders so that you can schedule your next testing. 

We can print employee and company names on equipment to help you keep up with your gear in the field. 

Services we offer:

  • High-definition ink stamping
  • Inventory services
  • Identification of PPE by number
  • Record keeping
  • Web-based ordering
  • Individual employee issuing
  • Email notification
Line worker fixing transmission pole

Keeping the Southeast Safe for 20 Years

Mississippi Power PPE Testing Labs offer the Southeast a strong knowledgebase of PPE products and testing procedures along with consistent service and the best turn-around times in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPE testing?

A personal protective equipment (PPE) test ensures electrical safety equipment is effective at protecting the user as intended. 

When should PPE be tested? Does PPE certification expire?

PPE certification expires after one year. PPE should be tested annually or if it exhibits exceptional wear.  To keep you informed, Mississippi Power Testing Lab provides email reminders when equipment is due for inspection.

What is the purpose of PPE?

PPE includes protective clothing and equipment used by linemen to protect against high voltage that may cause electrical shock if the lineman comes in contact with powerlines. PPE also protects against electric arcs, possible flames, and a wide range of possible dangers.  

What are PPE testing requirements?

Mississippi Power adheres to ASTM f496-95a and OSHA 1910.137 for rubber gloves and sleeves, ASTM F479-95 for blankets and ASTM F711-89 and OSHA 1910.269(j) for hot sticks.

For further information and specific guidelines visit and

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