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Rebates & Incentives

woman adjusting smart thermostat

Save $100 on a smart thermostat.

Click here to find a list of Energy Star certified smart thermostats.

residential hvav ac unit

HVAC Replacement

Verify your contractor meets our HVAC program requirements of being state-licensed.

ceiling insulation spraying into attic

Ceiling Insulation Rebate

mother and daughter washing dishes

Heat Pump Water Heater

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house with window ac unit

Duct & Air Sealing

Sealing leaks and holes in your home can improve indoor air quality, make your home more comfortable, and lower energy bills. Take advantage of our duct and air seal incentives today by calling one of the following independent contractors*: 

Coastal Area:
Big Star Conservation

Pine Belt/Meridian Area:
Take You to School Insulation

Click here for more Duct Sealing tips from ENERGY STAR®

ac ducts in ceiling

* All contractors participating in Mississippi Power’s Energy Efficiency programs are independent contractors. We do not endorse any manufacturer, product, system, design or contractor in this program.

Family holding boxes in new home
man charging electric vehicle

Electric Vehicle & Charger

W9 Form