Electric Vehicles

Mississippi Power is finding ways to help customers who purchase electric vehicles. We offer the standard residential rate options for customers with plug-in electric vehicles. In the future, we plan to have rates to benefit EV charging.

All electric vehicles have batteries and need to be plugged in to recharge. Today's vehicles are powered by lithium ion batteries. These batteries hold their charge efficiently and have no memory effect, which means you don't have to run down the battery completely before recharging. The level of charging that you need depends on the type of vehicle you purchase as well as the amount of miles you drive on a daily basis.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Save money - According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, an average all-electric car requires $3.74 worth of electricity to travel 100 miles. A comparable conventional car costs $13.36.

Less maintenance - EVs have ten times fewer moving parts than a gasoline-powered car – no engine, transmission, spark plugs, valves, fuel tank, tailpipe, distributor, starter, clutch, muffler or catalytic converter.

Lower emissions - On average, CO2 output for an EV per 100 miles is 54 pounds, versus a relatively-efficient conventional car at 87 pounds.

Battery range - Technology advancements have increased battery range to almost as much as 300 miles per charge.

Model options - Customer choice is increasing, with 16 new or revised EVs launched in 2017 and 50 more coming by 2022.

Charging at Home

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Questions about Electric Vehicles?

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