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Power Plant

Power Plants

Mississippi Power has a generating fleet made up of both coal and natural gas power plants. This diversity is key to keeping energy costs stable. With hundreds of highly-skilled and safety-minded workers, we currently operate six power plants.

The key to meeting our growing energy demands is having a diverse portfolio of energy sources. Diversifying our resources allows us to deploy innovative ways to generate clean, reliable and cost-effective electricity, while avoiding an overreliance on one fuel source.

Mississippi Power continually considers a range of energy sources to balance energy supply with our growing customer demand, which is updated and presented for approval annually to the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

Electric Generating Plants Units Nameplate Capacity

Plant Daniel* (Jackson County)



Gas-Fired Combined Cycle


1,070,424 kW

Coal-Fired Steam Turbines


500,000 kW

Plant Watson (Combustion Turbine)



Gas-Fired Steam Turbines


750,000 kw

Gas-Fired Combustion Turbine


39,360 kW

Plant Ratcliffe (Kemper County)



Gas-Fired Combined Cycle


769,898 kW

Greene County* (Alabama)



Gas-Fired Steam Engines


200,000 kW

Chevron Cogenerating Plant (Jackson County)



Gas-Fired Combustion Turbines


147,292 kW

Plant Sweatt (Lauderdale County)



Gas-Fired Combustion Turbine


39,400 kW

Total all generating plants


3,516,374 kW

plant map