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Pricing and rates

Pricing and Rates

Mississippi Power can run rate analyses to compare your usage against the rates available and help you decide which rate is best for your business. Contact us here for more details. 

Our company has a proven track record of working with industrial and commercial customers to understand their unique load requirements, and we can help determine the right rate for your company.

Small Businesses
For small businesses locating in an existing building that has been vacant for at least six months, we offer a two-year discount of 15 percent on base rates. This requires the creation of at least two full-time jobs. For all of the eligibility requirements, see Small Business Redevelopment Rider.

Large Businesses
For large businesses creating 20 or more full-time jobs and maintaining a minimum 70 percent monthly load factor, we offer a monthly discount of $3.50 times the monthly peak kVA. Customers entering into a five-year electric service contract will receive a discount period of 36 months or for customers entering an eight-year electric service contract, the discount period will be 60 months. For all of the eligibility requirements, see Large Business Development Rider.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to understand your unique load requirements and determine the right rate for your company. Please contact us at 800-528-5196 to discuss your business service requirements. (For billing or service inquiries, contact our Customer Care Center.)

Sales Tax Exemption on Energy Used in Manufacturing
Mississippi allows for a sales tax exemption on energy used in the manufacturing process. Our state boasts energy costs below the national average. This incentive further reduces the costs of one of the key drivers companies consider when choosing a location for new investment.